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Industry alert: social responsibility for dental practices

Concentrate your marketing money where it will have the most benefit Would you like an opportunity to improve the public’s perception of your practices attitude to social responsibility? From all over the UK Dental Practices have donated 1000’s of books to their local primary schools, helping them to build relations, as well as gaining valuable PR coverage with local media. It’s time to put your marketing heads on again, taking advantage of the full academic year ahead. SKIPS Crosswords offers your practice the opportunity to win new business by supporting primary school children and their families within the catchment area of your practice. SKIPS Crosswords produces unique and fun educational books by converting the National Curriculum into fun crosswords at Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) both English and Maths. The books have been praised in local and national media (featured in The TES as recommended ‘resource of the week’). The scheme works by allowing you to purchase the books at the discounted rate of £4.99 each, in exchange the books will clearly mention your company’s generous donation. This creates an opportunity for local press to run an article about your donation. For a relatively modest outlay, your goodwill will result in improved brand recognition amongst local parents, teachers and community members. Many tell me that they had been invited to assemblies to talk to the children about their practice and felt part of the school team. Sponsorship levels start at a one off donation of less than £500 for a class set of 100 books (50 Maths and 50 English, worth £799), up as many schools as you wish. Simply click this link: Further Information and sign up before your competition does.

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