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Back in the “good old days” of The Dental Business School I regularly asked Principals to give me feedback on the progress they had made between our quarterly workshops. Over and over again…… “we love these days Chris and find them inspiring – but when we get back to the practice we never seem to be able to find the time to IMPLEMENT the ideas that you share with us” I do keep harping on about the amount of time that you allocate for team training, creation of protocols and revalidation (remember last week’s post on how to waste money on training?). Unless you invest the time in your team and your systems, you will simply keep on doing what you have always done – and over time the effectiveness of that will diminish. When I was a kid, shops used to close a morning a week for “staff training” – do you remember the signs in the windows? Nowadays, time is apparently too expensive for us to consider “stopping” for a moment. Its as if “there is a bomb on the bus” and, if we were to slow down, the place would explode. I’m asking you to slow down, take more time to think, more time to plan and, most importantly, more time to communicate.

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