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If you want a pay rise - just ASK!

Yes - I'm perfectly happy to pay you more.

Can I just put a few markers down though please?

A is for attitude.

I'm going to have to be happy that you are on the bus. That when you arrive at work it's like a breath of fresh air every morning. That I know you are as committed to our vision, mission and goals as I am. That you will always go the extra mile.

S is for skill.

I need to be confident that you excel in the existing role that we have for you. That you get things done and done well. That you are really good at what you do.

K is for knowledge.

I want to see that you are a lifelong learner and ready to be trained and mentored to increase your capabilities and play a bigger part in the business. That you see a bigger future for yourself.

Oh - and by the way - I should have also mentioned.......

W is for win.

P is for production and prices.

We have to find a way to pay for your pay rise that's a win for me as the owner, for you as a team member, for all the other team members (including our self-employed clinicians) and for the patients - in fact, a win:win:win:win.

That's always funded by either an increase in productivity and/or a price rise - and so we have to sit down and evaluate what combination of those two will fund your request.

In the current climate (the one in which you are asking for a pay rise) it might be argued that patients will be resistant to price rises - so we need to calculate, discuss and agree what we are going to do to increase our production.

I'm ready to talk - are you?

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