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If I could show you a way to have your team trained by some of the best minds in dentistry – f

There are two features of note about the photograph reproduced here.

  1. I have spoken with co-Principal Dr. Sinead McEnhill over the years but I’ve never visited Lorraine Browne and the team at Belmore Dental Implant & Facial Clinic in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland;

  2. That’s my mug on screen in their training room, ready to deliver an hour’s lunch and learn on how to conduct an effective End of Treatment Review. BUT it wasn’t me live – they were playing a recorded tutorial.

I suppose I could mention a third feature of note – that the team at Belmont have access to 36 hours of online education from me each year – at an annual investment of just £260 – if my maths is right, that represents an average cost of £7.22 an hour.

They are, of course, members of a growing community at The Extreme Business Academy – surely one of the best value propositions in the English-speaking global dental marketplace at the moment.

Since we launched in April this year, members have had access to:

  1. A monthly interview with a thought leader in dentistry

  2. April – Les Jones on branding your dental practice

  3. May – Sheila Scott on building the health-centred practice

  4. June – Tracy Stuart on building great teams

  5. July – Laura Horton on the role of the TCO (and then we threw in a bonus interview with Dr. Simon Thackeray on his career history)

  6. August – James Hamill on innovation in implant surgery

  7. A monthly tutorial

  8. April – The End of Treatment Review

  9. May – 7 steps to effective time management

  10. June – 5 essentials in team building

  11. July – 12 ways to increase patient referrals

  12. August – 27 habits of Champions League practices

  13. A monthly live webinar where I sometimes give straight answers to tough questions or I interview my clients to share their best practice ideas – including the correct deployment of TCOs and how to hire a salaried apprentice dentist.

September’s offer will include an interview with Colin Campbell on leadership, a tutorial on using Powerpoint to deliver treatment plans to patients and an interview with a digital expert on how to make Facebook advertising work in dentistry.

Because all of these sessions are recorded, they can be used, as Lorraine has done here, to provide training and education for the whole team, either as individuals or in a group setting (and if a team member is missing, no problem, they can catch up later as the material can be replayed as many times as you like).

New members have access to the complete back catalogue from the moment they join.

Oh – and by the way, members taking the annual payment option also receive a free gift – a full 3hr 20 minute Marketing Course, complete with 18 training modules and 53 learning resources. Everything your team need to know about how to accelerate your internal, low cost, marketing in practice.

My vision has always been to create the greatest library of knowledge on the business of dentistry in the world – a 5-year plan that is now 5 months old and progressing well.

To learn more, simply follow this link:

My thanks to Lorraine and the team at Belmont for the post – it made my day!

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