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"I'm not in sales"

Quote of the week: “I don’t need to be at the customer service training session because I don’t work in sales.” Grow up. The obvious stuff is: • answering the phone • greeting and meeting • treatment co-ordination • establishing rapport • understanding the customer’s needs and concerns • negotiating a win/win solution The less obvious stuff is: • the way you dress and groom • the way you keep your workspace • the way you communicate with your colleagues • your loyalty to the brand • your attitude to Head Office • your attitude towards the workers in the field • the way you pack a component in a warehouse • the way you manage accounts • the way you hire people • the way you take your product or service to market • your compliance and governance systems • the way you deliver your unique ability As customers, we can tell whether the people in a company give a hoot – in everything they do. Everyone works in sales, all day, every day. You work in sales. Make sure you are very, very good at it.

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