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I’m back and pinging

I’m sleeping again – probably because all problems exist in the absence of a good conversation and I’ve had some good conversations (with myself and others) in the last few days. Rome was a crowded (in February!), shabby tourist city with some of the most amazing art, architecture and archeology I have ever seen. Contrast the prostitutes flaunting their trade on the main commuter routes downtown with the beauty of the Pieta and you have the place categorised – perversion and perfection.

Back in Como this week and a busy working week before I head for the UK on Sunday and a 2-week working tour.

Couple of interesting moments today that I want to share with you:

a. a reminder to “ask not what you can do but whom you can ask to do it” – not exactly Scripture but a good phrase to remember. Today I needed an on-line merchant account urgently. I asked someone who knew how, Guy Levine at and the merchant account was up and running in 30 minutes. I would have taken a week to research and another week to implement;

b. the two types of theory.

Type 1 – People sit inside buildings, coming up with theories and then sending others out see if they apply in the real world;

Type 2 – People go out into the world, have experiences and then, when they return, design elegant theories to explain what has happened to them.

I have always been a Type 2 theorist. Too many people in fledgling businesses are Type 1 theorists – trying to figure things out before they try them.

I am the anti-preparation coach – just do it!

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