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How to make sure that your Daily Huddle isn't a Daily Hurdle

It's up to you (not your team) to determine whether your morning meeting is going to be a daily huddle or a daily hurdle.

A few tips:

  • Rotate the chair - make sure that every team member takes a week each to prepare for and present the huddle;

  • If you have team members who start at different times (even though it would be best if they didn't), then video the huddle and share;

  • Make sure you pay those on salary to attend;

  • Make sure you allow adequate time for arrival and surgery set-up before the huddle;

  • Insist that self-employed clinicians attend after explaining the benefit to them - if they refuse or act like spoiled brats, they aren't on your bus;

  • Have some fun (thank you Dental Rooms, Wimbledon for tolerating my Dad-dancing at your morning music session) -

  • Follow the format and the instructions - at this quarter's workshops, Dr. Neil Harris from HRS Dental Care has been sharing not only his huddle agenda but the complete set of instructions on how to prepare for and deliver the huddle - so that there is no doubt!

  • It's morning, not lunchtime or after-hours;

  • It's daily, not weekly;

  • It's 20% operational niff naff and trivia, 80% targets, sales and marketing;

  • It's up to you.

Download PDF • 66KB

p.s. I'm off to Italy tomorrow for a short break - the blog will be back next Monday - ciao!

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