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How to buy an NHS practice at age 28 and (by creating a world class team) grow it by 400% by age 31

Against the advice of his peers and associates, Mohsin Patel purchased a typical NHS Practice in a working class area of Leeds in 2016, aged 28 years of age. However, Mohsin didn't listen to their advice and during the last four years has quadrupled turnover, grown his staff numbers by 300% and is now placing implants and cosmetic treatments on previously NHS patients.

40% of his new clients are referrals from existing patients and he has patients travelling from all over the North of England to visit him for treatment.

Wherever you are in your career, you will be left inspired and motivated by this brilliant interview. Mohsin is very quietly spoken - probably the calmest person we have had on this podcast - however what he shares is pure gold. Please make sure you have a pen and a pad to take lots of notes, as you will learn;

  • The importance of getting the team on board with your vision

  • How Mohsin spent a full day sharing his vision with the team and the impact that one day has had on staff morale and team-work

  • The importance of on-going team meetings and training

  • How he grew his Practice into a Referral Practice and the one big secret that is essential to grow a referral base and to provide world class customer service

  • What Mohsin does on a Sunday to help achieve his goals

  • How to never take anything for granted


Visit Mohsin's website HERE.

Episode Length: 46 minutes 17 seconds

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