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How much UK dentistry is contributing to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

I’m not moaning but… The QDJ gives us an opportunity to look at a very important number in dental business management. First, look at your total revenues for the year: =£X Minus:

  1. lab fees

  2. material costs

  3. payments to associates, hygienists, therapists

What you have left is your operating costs – what it costs to keep the building open and the staff paid, even if no patients or fee-earners show up. =£Y Divide this by the number of surgery days available in the year. Say, 48 weeks, for 5 days = 240 days per kitted out surgery.

Number of surgeries

Number of surgery days per year











So – we now have operating costs divided by available surgery days… = (a very important number) operating cost per surgery per day (OCPSPD) £Z So now – you can calculate how much you are contributing towards the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by taking your OCPSPD and multiplying it by 2 – that’s 2 days when you could have been seeing patients but the Government decided to give all your staff, clinicians and patients two days off. Oh – by the way – try telling the mortgage company, the bank, the tax man, the council, the utility companies, the team and your trade creditors that you will be taking a 2-day holiday on paying their bills. Yeah right! Let me share with you some numbers I have noticed:

Number of surgeries

Average OCPSPD spotted by Chris Barrow

Total contribution to QDJ by Principal(s) and family
















So I’d like, on behalf of The Royal Family and the Government, to thank you individually for the contribution you are making to the joyous occasion. And – on behalf of UK dentistry – that’s 10,000 practices with an average of 3.5 surgeries… A great big thank you to those 10,000 principals, whose families will collectively be paying perhaps £28,000,000 in lost personal earnings to make sure that the festivities are memorable for all concerned. Me? The weekend was fantastic – a beautiful wedding in Bath on Friday, partying with our friends Dan & Sarah (from Cornwall) and most of my kids over Saturday and Sunday. After much grinching last week I did actually enjoy the Avon Road street party on Sunday, lashed by torrential rain and cold winds, I bravely volunteered for the egg and spoon race but was eliminated in round one after my sprint finish was sans egg. The group hired for 60’s hits had to retreat with frozen fingers and the BBQ was sodden – but that Dunkirk spirit prevailed and the soggy sausages were consumed with gusto. Back to semi-normal this week. Monday we held a management meeting at BKH, hiring a local hotel room for the morning so that we could keep on top of the numerous developments that will be reported in coming weeks. The afternoon at leisure (actually – asleep). Last night I rocked with Annie and Kibo on the sofa, listening to the excellent concert from Buck Pal – really well done to all concerned. Let’s face it – it’s only a matter of time before we see Sir Gary Barlow. Today – working in the bunker until lunchtime and then a giant Spring Clean at home – the place looks like we had a party all weekend.

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