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How efficiently do you communicate?

I've spent a lot of time since lockdown thinking about how Covid changed the way we communicate (good and bad).

The fundamental difference that we all have to deal with daily is that between:

  • Synchronous communication - i.e. live and in real time;

  • Asynchronous communication - i.e. not live - you message me and I respond when I'm ready and in my own time.

The former could be said to be qualitatively better, containing language, nuance and tonality - but it takes a huge amount of time that might be better focused on GTD (getting things done) or MAL (making a living).

The latter is quantitatively better because it wastes neither your time nor mine and allows us both to focus on our Quadrant 2 and 1 work (read The Eisenhower Matrix).

In what sometimes seems to be a chaotically busy world, Asynchronous is a blessing as I can respond to the messages at 05:00 over coffee, on a train journey, after dark in my hotel room if I'm a night owl. In my own time.

Much has been said about tech stacks in business - ostensibly the technology we use to GTD?

Or, in fact, is it the technology we use to GTS (Get Things Said) in the most efficient (asynchronous) way?

I started thinking about Comms Stacks and what sync/async communication looks like in a dental practice, then in my own business and then in The Extreme Business 100 coaching programme.

A Dental Practice

My own business and my team

The Extreme Business 100 community

Below, I'm attaching the Powerpoint presentation (just 4 slides) for you to play with.

Asynchronous is green for good - it uses time efficiently.

Synchronous is red for danger - it has the capacity to be very inefficient.

Take a look at the slides over a coffee - and think about your own business - and how well you communicate.

We all need to protect our Synchronous time and reserve it for only the most important 1:1 or group conversations with patients/clients and our teams.

Equally, we all need to invest in and use the technology that allows us to communicate Asynchronously.

How does your comms stack compare?

Enjoy the slide deck - share it - spread the word.

Comm Stacks
Download PPTX • 87KB

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