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Homeward bound

Leaving Vathi on a lovely morning for a journey that will include a 20-minute taxi, a 1-hour water taxi, a second 1-hour taxi, a 4-hour flight and a 4-hour drive at the conclusion – hoping to arrive home around 21:00 this evening. It sounds like an effort – but that’s why we love this place – because most people can’t be bothered making it. Back “on point” tomorrow – with breakfast at Hale Cafe (back to Paleo) and a day and a half in The Bunker including more incoming telephone calls than a Eurovision Song Contest host. A short time at home – just enough to open the mail, collect the dog from his holidays, get the laundry started and then pack the car and leave again on Thursday lunchtime with a very different set of clothing. Annie, myself and said canine heading for Ben Nevis (via The Maceachen family in Edinburgh) for a weekend reunion of the 2011 Bridge2Aid Kilimanjaro team. Pretty excited about that. Time for reflection this morning as I woke early. I’ve had an epiphany out here in Ithaki this last week. Time and space to look back and reflect, to look in the mirror and accept and to look forward and imagine. Decisions made on what my next 2-5 years are going to look like. I shared them with Annie, Jon and Alun over dinner last night. I’ll be surprising some people and infuriating others. It will be nothing like you expect. But it will be vintage me. Wait and see.

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