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Hold an open day - they are back!

I've just enjoyed a non-digital weekend as we were entertaining friends from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime - so there was literally no time to be staring at a screen whilst we were in real-time conversation. What a lovely change.

This morning I'm delighted to read that one of my clients held their first ever Invisalign open-day, which was well attended and successful.

That, perhaps, is one of the biggest signs that we are able to start putting the pandemic behind us.

If both team and patients are willing to attend we are living in a brave new world.

The event was marketed in-house to existing patients, using email, Facebook and Instagram.

The good news coincided with an excellent article on the subject from Grant McAree in Dentistry magazine - worth a read HERE.

We are getting our marketing lives back - don't miss the boat.

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