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Here we go again…

It used to be fashionable to start the year with a few resolutions.

Recently, the trend has been to dismiss the concept as unsustainable.

We are all certainly listening to the sound of a metaphoric starter pistol this morning and setting out on the marathon of another year of work.

Pace not race.

Yesterday I commented in my personal blog on the anxieties of the last Sunday of the holiday and, judging from my Facebook news feed this morning, many others shared with me a troubled sleep last night as they contemplated their return to routine.

To quote a certain famous survival expert, “the pain doesn’t last forever”.

By the end of today I predict that we will all be back in the zone.

Whether that’s a good or a bad place is entirely your own choice.

If you really are dreading going back to work THAT much – listen to yourself.

No lifestyle, no need to keep up with the Jones’s, no maintenance of status, ego, power or position is worth it – if you aren’t passionate about what you do, when you do it and with whom.

If you are passionate then today will be a bit creaky as your body, mind and spirit warm up.

By tomorrow you will be running again.

Enjoy the pace.

Only 356 shopping days left until Christmas.

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