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Heart Your Smile

Campaign for positivity launches in UK dentistry Heart Your Smile sparks inspiration revolution among dental professionals United Kingdom (October 2011): Heart Your Smile, a campaign to boost confidence in the UK dental profession will launch at the BDTA Dental Showcase on 21 October 2011. A manifesto for change will be revealed by James Goolnik, in his opening address at the Showcase on 21 October. This will be followed by an invitation for dental professionals to join the movement at booth R01B in the exhibition hall. The campaign is not affiliated with one particular company, individual or organisation and was initiated by a number of dental professionals and members of the dental industry who feel the dental profession is in need of confidence and inspiration – from the inside out. “It’s about stimulating positive conversations in the profession about the profession,” says Simon Gambold. “The Heart Your Smile manifesto is a collection of core values which have been dubbed the ‘9 habits of a happy dental professional’,” explains Seema Sharma. Showcase participants will be invited to sign this manifesto at the Showcase and will receive a Heart Your Smile badge in return. On 21 October booth R01B will also be a filming studio where dental professionals will be invited to share their stories in dentistry. These will form a collection of uplifting fables about dentistry which will be available on YouTube in due course. “Everyone in dentistry has had a journey to get where they are today, everyone had a mentor, everyone has a story to tell,” adds Roger Matthews. “Over the past few weeks we have ‘planted’ some posts on social media about what would inspire confidence in the dental profession and the answers have been very revealing,” says Chris Barrow. Amid the regulatory challenges and a strained economic climate currently facing UK dentistry, Heart Your Smile will be a recognisable source of inspiration. “A patient-facing campaign will also emerge from this which dental professionals can use to promote positive messages about overall healthcare and regular visits to the dentist,” adds Linda Stranks. “The campaign will use social media to disseminate its messages, making it more personal and easy to share among colleagues. The idea is to encourage the many voices of dentistry to participate and social media is the perfect amplifier for this great initiative,” concludes Marita Macdonald.

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