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Have you heard of GDP resources?

Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP, creator of recently spoke about the site and its value to dentists. What inspired you to start GDP Resources? Steve Hudson: Chris Barrow said it was something I should consider What do you enjoy most about being involved with GDP Resources? Steve Hudson: Dentists are generally stressed out miserable buggers who need a dose of reality. I like to inject that to them through my free newsletters and my products. What are the latest changes that you’ve implemented to the site? Steve Hudson: A whole new site revamp, with a new product “The Emancipation of the Enslaved” which comes with 6 hours of verifiable CPD. What are the most beneficial aspects of the site for members/readers? Steve Hudson: The sites FREE membership allows you to access the newsletter plus the newsletter archive. What are your thoughts on the state of UK dentistry at the moment? Steve Hudson: As Chris has been saying for years, it would only be a matter of time before dentists took the full brunt of government regulation. That has now occurred and we are rolling over to expose our bellies as expected. It is now easier than at any time in history to be sued, to be up before the GDC and to suffer financially due to this lovely recession. We are in the eye of a perfect storm that has a long time to go before it blows out, and things will only get worse. When the dust settles there will be corporate chains fighting over NHS scraps, and bespoke dental practices catering to those with enough money that they voluntarily step out of the NHS dental system. I won’t mention that I think this recession will turn into a deflationary depression. What do you enjoy most about being a dentist? Steve Hudson: Doing dentistry For more information visit the website

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