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Hardly a moment’s rest

Its Monday morning and I’m tired! Not a good start to the week and I reflect that the coach who advises a 4-day working week with lots of rest has just worked 6-day weeks for a month.My excuse is Stephen Covey, who, in the 7 habits, admits that sometimes we have to “harvest” – and the present time in UK dentistry has to be for such gathering in of clients who need help.

Next week I fly to Canada for a 3-day workshop with coaches but after that I’m going to slip off the radar for a few days and re-charge. I’m hoping that my schedule for July will be more sensible.

I was so busy at last week’s Leadership Intensive that the blog fell by the wayside – and yet the event was electric.

As always – having delivered our first Leadership programme – I now know how to do it! The clients were a willing R&D team and the written testimonials we collected on Saturday afternoon were wonderful.

Our agenda for Friday was:

  1. Entering The Discomfort Zone

  2. What does the finish line look like?

  3. The 15-minute life story

  4. The Management/Leadership Matrix

  5. Identifying your quadrant

  6. Leadership Evolution – your journey around The Matrix

  7. The distinction between Management and Leadership

  8. What to really do with your time and talents

  9. What’s in the way?

  10. Controlling your mood

  11. Delegation

and then on Saturday we spent 80% of the day in role-play, coaching live – before we ended with a summary of “The 10 characteristics of a great leader.”

There were tears and laughter throughout the 2 days, as well as a splendid Friday night dinner.

Cheers all round to the Aztec Hotel in Bristol whose facilities and customer service were outstanding.

Cheers to Simon Hocken for such an excellent job as my co-presenter.

Exhaustion is an understatement as to how I felt on Sunday – more like a wet cabbage.

Off we go again today – management meeting with Team CB.

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