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Half empty or half full? An updated version

The fact is - there has never been and will never be a moment when dentistry doesn't have a sh*t list and a hit list.

The sh*t list is all the reasons to be miserable.

The hit list is all the reasons to be cheerful.

I often go through those lists at the start of a team training session - so that the audience can all join me on the same page as far as the overall landscape is concerned.

Yesterday, I began my session with the Practice Plan Regional Sales Managers with the lists - and the resulting conversation took us from an 09:00 start to a 12:30 lunch.

My latest version (updated this week) is attached below - please enjoy.


  • Print a copy for yourself and digest the contents;

  • Print copies for your management team and discuss;

  • Print copies for all of your team and discuss.

Whichever option you choose - you can then ask two simple questions:

  1. What are we going to do to protect ourselves from the sh*t list?

  2. What are we going to do to take advantage of the hit list?

Here at The Extreme Business 100 community - we do this constantly.

I'm delighted to have welcomed back two returning clients this week - back into coaching after a break.

We are back at 99 members and have 1 vacancy for a dental business who want to start-up, scale, sell or self-manage.

Half empty or half full_
Download PDF • 136KB

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