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Had a great week

I finished my travel for the week last night and I’m truly exhausted physically – but it has been a great week – Workshops in Leeds, Birmingham and Exeter and a practice visit and team session in Birmingham also. I’ve been focused on business planning and customer service in the delivery this week and its been a timely reminder of the need to continually keep an eye on future planning and on the leadership of my team. Especially the team – I have a habit of getting lost in my work and days can go by before I speak to or connect virtually with team members – this can leave them feeling isolated and unappreciated – very dangerous – so next week I’m going to make sure that they all feel listened to and appreciated. Strangely, although the week has been busy in so many ways, the highlight has been three emails from former clients who have written to say a big “thank you” for the catalytic effect I have had on their lives – one to build a better business, one to open a new business and finally one who is closing a business and travelling around Africa for a spell. Those three stories have provided me with immense job satisfaction.

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