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Gratitude – a free download to help you count your 2018 blessings

For many of us today will be the last working day of the year. Perhaps you are even looking forward to a lunchtime finish.

Some will be back for a few days next week but psychologically today is “last day of term” and we are all about to wind down for the festive season – for family, friends, fun, food – and no alarm calls!

Traditionally, this last pre-Christmas working day has also been a time for me to look back over the year and reflect on what I have to be grateful for.

Attached you will find a little PDF to facilitate that process.

Take a moment between now and Christmas Eve to

  1. List a few things you are grateful for when you look back on 2018;

  2. List the three biggest challenges you dealt with in 2018 and write down what you are learning from them;

  3. List the people who made your life a little better;

  4. List the most positive things that happened in the year.

If you want to send a copy to me at I’d love to read it.

The Coach Barrow blog is closing for Christmas – have a lovely time.

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