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Gifts for patients

One of the many things I like about Marcos White and the team at The Courtyard, is that they are willing to give all of our ideas a try. Here is the ipod shuffle that they give as a “thank you” after a patient has agreed to proceed with Invisalign (invisible ortho) – packaged with a copy of their business card in the box and with their strap line “look good, feel good” engraved on the back of the shuffle itself. That’s a £50 gift for a £3,000 sale – good investment and a patient enrolled as a member of their unpaid sales force. Over dinner on Monday night, Marcos explained to us that he has joined BNI – and his practice manager and associate will be joining two other local chapters. The thing I like least about Marcos is that he is only 30 years old – and already destined for greatness – he’s learning things twenty years before I did – that’s so frustrating and yet I’m proud of him – almost paternally proud. As someone once said:

the difference between doing something and not doing something – is doing it
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