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A fantastic report by Wolff Olin, that is unfortunately no longer available. How’s about this for a set of standards:

  1. Define your organisation’s purpose beyond profit to stand for something that inspires and motivates people.

  2. Be sure your actions deliver on your purpose across the entire business by auditing your customer and employee experience.

  3. Map your customer journey to understand where you can add value.

  4. Go beyond what customers buy from you and understand what they want to do through you.

  5. Use your brand values to guide experimentation.

  6. Encourage teams to expand their comfort zone by taking time to pursue experiments.

  7. Find an ecosystem of partners who share your values and a common ambition for the world.

  8. Be boundaryless within your own organisation by breaking down silos and bringing people from partner organisations onto your management team.

  9. Make it an ambition to launch a totally new revenue stream each year.

  10. Define value for your organisation based on your brand purpose and values.

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