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It’s hot here in Montreal – yesterday the temperature climbed to 86 degrees and walking the 20 minutes from my hotel to our conference venue and back were a delight. Fundamentals. There is a good conversation going on here with my fellow coaches – and I’m reminded of fundamental lessons that can be applied to my own business and my professional life. Here they are:

  1. Many of us have created successful coaching practices and are now ready to move away from coaching – to make the shift from practitioner, through business owner, to entreprenuer

  2. Many of us want to reduce the number of hours we work and re-balance our lifestyles

  3. Most of us want to “outsource” everything (thank you Timothy Ferriss and “The 4-hour work week” – now an Amazon best-seller)

We are all weak in four key areas:

  1. Lead generation

  2. Lead conversion

  3. Financial analysis

  4. Outsourcing

  5. There is a lot of money to be made (still) via virtual sales and advertising

Last night we enjoyed the slowest customer service I can recall for many a year. Admittedly, we were a party of 10 for dinner, no reservation and on one of Montreal’s busiest nights of the week (and a hot evening – everyone was out). But Ristorante Cellini in the Loews Hotel was purgatory. 2 hours to be served with one main course. And a waiter who told us that separate checks was beyond his capability. He was clearly rushed off his feet with our party and the other half-dozen diners in the restaurant. We were told that the reason for the delay was the logistics of serving 10 meals at the same time. Earlier in the day, separate checks and 10 meals in 45 minutes wasn’t so difficult at Eggspectations, a franchise, of course. It’s 7.45am Friday – and I’m now looking forward to another day of conversation with my coaching buddies. I’m making furious and copious notes – its great – I love master-minding.

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