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Friday riff - new stuff

New me - Coach to 5km

In the last 12 weeks I have spent 8 weekends either working or socialising and I'm both exhausted and relatively unhealthy as a result.

It's time to change my unsuccessful habits for successful habits (again).

Time to search for my running gear and trainers from amongst the packing cases.

I was chatting with Josh Barrow last weekend and confessed that I'd love to run another marathon with him.

I'll just get this weekend of continued unpacking out of the way first.....

New home

Move completed on Tuesday and the next chapter begins - still many, many boxes to unpack and at least I'll be able to assist over the next couple of days.

At the moment it feels as if the unpacking will never end - how do we accumulate so much stuff?

New tech - The love of Apple

Yesterday I ordered a Mac Mini and Studio Display for the new Barrow HQ.

It's an investment in the next 5 years, an early Christmas present from me to me and just cool as.

New clients

Last night was the very first of my no-obligation, complimentary calls, to interview and be interviewed by those wishing to join The Extreme Business 100 in 2024.

I'm delighted that the call was a success and yet another man and wife team who opened a squat in 2012 (and are about to purchase a second practice from a retiree) have taken the plunge to hire me as their business coach and join our community of like-minded Owners.

Their shopping list for next year's membership:

  • Grow their hygiene book;

  • Get a better understanding of the numbers;

  • Grow sales;

  • Grow GDP referrals;

  • Reduce the dependency of the business on their own production (they are both dentists with special interests);

  • Empower their Practice Manager to take more responsibility

I can do that.

New ideas on management

Another brilliant day with Lucie Simic on Thursday.

This time at The Aztec in Bristol with an audience of 50 owners and managers.


"She is a diamond".

"Oh my God - my head is going to burst." (Message timed 15:00)

It's the third of seven regional workshops and I'm still picking up tips that I missed the first time of listening.

Next week - Manchester - then Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh to complete the tour before Christmas.

We are already being asked by attendees from Belfast, London and Bristol if they can send along team members who missed their local date.

One of the best decisions I made in 2023 - bringing along forward thinkers as guest presenters to my workshops.

Clients tell me that they enjoy The Extreme Business 100 community as much as they enjoy me being their business coach.

Clients tell me that they enjoy the Thursday guest speakers as much as they enjoy my "bar stool coaching" on the Friday.

That suits me fine.

It's Friday and I wish you a wonderful day and weekend - thank you for the enquiries we have received for membership of The 100 in 2024 - as mentioned, I'm being interviewed (and interviewing) over the next three weeks.

We are still open for those looking to join us next year.

Read this landing page (5 minutes) and book a no-obligation Zoom call with me:

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