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Finding a new accountant

The avid reader of this blog will know that my accountant for over 15 years, Nigel Bottomley, passed away in May this year – and left a gap in my life, not only of talented and caring advice but friendship as well. Replacing Nigel (if there can be such a thing) has been a challenge to say the least. The “problem” (with me) is that it’s all about relationships and personality. What was I looking for?

  1. Somebody who took a genuine interest in me as a person;

  2. Somebody who knew how to listen empathetically at a first meeting;

  3. Somebody who was not judgmental about some of the stupid decisions I have made over the years;

  4. Somebody who understood the psyche of a small business entrepreneur;

  5. Somebody who “got it” really quickly;

  6. Somebody who said “no problem, leave it with me, I’ll get it sorted”;

  7. Somebody I would happily go out for a pint with;

  8. Somebody who knew about accountancy.

Well, after 3 months and some dreadful blind alleys – I have found him.

Yesterday’s meeting started in Starbucks, St Ann’s Square, Manchester – and was interrupted after 30 minutes by a fire alarm and evacuation – so we popped over to Pret a Manger on Cross Street and finished there.

I knew in the first 5 minutes I had found the right person.

A key player in my “personal board of directors” has been restored – and I’m feeling very much happier and more confident as a result.

I wonder what the list would be for your clients/patients if they were asked to prioritise their key requirements from you?

Very similar I suspect – its not about the technical skill – its about the relationship.

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