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Finders and Minders

My recent comments about “attack and defence” dentistry teams seemed to unsettle some readers, who felt that the word “attack” had the scent of that forbidden word in dentistry – “selling”. So it was with relief that, earlier this week, I heard a client describe his two teams as “finders” and “minders”. Perfect. The “finders” are those who are responsible for new patient consultations, the patient journey and treatment co-ordination/treatment sales. The “minders” are those who are responsible for maintaining the ongoing dental health of a patient database. There are finders and minders at every station in the practice – telephony, reception, nursing, administration, clinical. Depending on the nature of the enquiry or the need, a patient can be assisted by either team. There is no “ownership” of patients by specific clinicians. All patients are educated or re-educated that the “practice” delivers the overall result – and that all of the team in the practice are trained to the same level of customer service and clinical or other skill set. Which raises the subject of branding – and especially personal branding versus practice branding. I’m currently reading an excellent report on personal branding by Coutts and Company, the private bankers. I’ll tell you more soon.

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