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Figures and Feelings - the enigma of what makes a great business

Your business runs well when you combine figures and feelings.


Getting the numbers right.


Creating environments in which your team and patients are motivated to take action.

The Challenges:

The challenge with "figures" is getting owners out of their foxholes to do the analysis - maths and spreadsheets aren't seen as fun by most people.

I loved maths at school and, after passing my GCSE a year early, I went on to obtain a further qualification in Pure Maths and Statistics.

With hindsight, I should have become an actuary.

When I look at a P&L, a cash flow forecast, or a spreadsheet, I can see what's right or wrong in a heartbeat (a bit like you looking at an x-ray).

The challenge with "feelings" (and I found myself saying this to a client again this week) is that you cannot motivate people - you can only create environments in which they choose to become self-motivated.

I love public-speaking when you can see the light bulbs going on in the heads of the audience - realising their own potential.

Leadership is about creating those environments.

The Enigma:

"Figures" are left-brain - data - Mr. Spock in Star Trek - no emotion.

"Feelings" are right-brain - emotion - Captain Kirk.

It's tough to be both.

(Thank you Siobhan)

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