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FIDES – The Forum for Independent Dental Entrepreneurs


I’ve been party to a conversation over the last 6 months in which the participants have been the independent owners of micro-dental groups who have requested a completely non-commercial study club within which they could exchange “best practice” ideas for micro-corporate development.

Although I support the concept, it was clear from the outset that this forum could only be truly impartial if it were run for members by members and on a not-for-profit basis – so I’ve been offering my two-penny worth on a pro-bono basis and will continue so to do.

The Forum for Independent Dental Entrepreneurs (FIDES) is specifically focused on the business of dentistry as it applies to those who wish to build more than a “lifestyle” business by either the acquisition of other practices or the organic development of new sites.

FIDES aims to hold an inaugural meeting in London’s West End on Saturday 3rd December 2016, from 10:00 to 13:00 in the conference suite at 38 Devonshire Street, Marylebone.

The meeting will be chaired and facilitated by independent dental entrepreneurs. The proceedings of the meeting will be confidential. The aim of the meeting is to sense-check the appetite for the Forum and discuss a possible agenda going forward.

There is a web site where you can register for this event (cost price is £56.35, simply to cover room hire and catering) and I’ll include the link below.

In this post, I want to share with you the core values that have emerged from initial discussions:


To support our mission, we have established ourselves with the following values:


We recognise the symbiotic relationship between quality business and quality patient care. Our members seek to achieve the highest levels of patient care through innovation in treatment, providing excellent customer service and offering patients choice.


We are committed to independent entrepreneurs. These are individuals who are not reliant on institutional investment, can take a long-term, patient-centric view in their business planning and want to develop more than a ‘lifestyle’ business linked primarily to their own sales production.


We are not for profit ensuring low participation costs and therefore the widest possible membership.


We are focused on the business of dentistry and its unique challenges and opportunities. Whilst encouraging clinical excellence and development, FIDES is not a clinical or academic forum.


Our members are committed to being open with one another and sharing their experiences, both successes and failures. We are a social and informal organisation; prioritising open dialogue and networking.


We maintain eligibility criteria to ensure our Membership reflects our values and that all individual Members have something to offer the group.

You can learn more, register your interest and book a place at the meeting here:

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