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Feedback on the National Recruitment Process – 1

QUOTE: I have to say I found the whole recruitment process a shambles, and completely unfair. I was in the first session to be interviewed in the XX (location withheld) centre, by the afternoon most applicants knew the questions that were in the bank, the clinical skills one having not changed in the two days of interviewing. By the following day, the same questions were known to everyone being interviewed. I later discovered that the same questions had been asked two days prior in another centre, and applicants with friends there had come to know what was going to be asked. I cannot blame any of the applicants as it’s human nature to help one another. The ranking is competitive so people with rehearsed answers to questions undoubtedly did better in this “tick box” exercise. The most unfair part of the process is that, just because I had one bad interview, my career may be put on hold until next year. The interview in no way reflects my academic, clinical or professional ability and none of these factors will be considered. UNQUOTE

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