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Don't you just love those three-day weekends?

Listen - don't get me wrong - I love my job - but..........

I have really loved the last two Bank Holiday weekends. Have you?

  • My morning coffee with a book;

  • Feeling on Saturday morning that I had a long break ahead of me;

  • Knowing that Sunday evening wasn't a "school night";

  • Plenty of time for exercise;

  • the extra Monday morning longer sleep;

  • the Monday to "do my thing";

  • Arriving at Tuesday morning, knowing that it's a 4-day week (and focused o getting things done in that time scale).

It has been marvellous and has reminded me that, back in 2002 I did drop to a 4-day working week for a while, then got out of the habit and went back to 5 days.

Pondering this morning.......

Would the world be a better place if we stayed with the 3-day weekend permanently? Perhaps with everyone working no more than a 4-day week but with businesses staying open 7 days with split shifts (as one of my dental clients does already).

Would I be happier and healthier if I took every Monday as a Bank Holiday?

I've been motivated over the last 14 days to take a serious look at my calendar planning and I'll be talking to Phillippa about that when I meet her at our Bristol workshop later this week.

Less is more.

p.s. The Dentistry Show on Saturday - 🙄 - game face on.

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