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Do yourself a favour – look up from that screen

So there I was, feeling a little sorry for myself because this week is a series of 05:00 alarm calls and 22:00 hotel arrivals, dashing up and down the country to meet clients and speak at 3 conferences.

Then I asked yesterday evening’s cab driver (from The Village Hotel in Morley, Leeds to Dewsbury station) to tell me a little bit about his life story.

Having qualified in chemistry in Pakistan, he tried a series of jobs in fast food and on a market stall before securing a low-level position in the chemical industry in the UK. His intention was to work his way up.

Then his wife, who suffers from diabetes, lost her sight.

Driving a cab allows him to look after her (he works 2-hour shifts and then returns home for an hour) and also be home-maker, organiser and transport for their three daughters.

He told me this because I asked him – otherwise, he would just have been another cabbie.

Everyone has a back-story – including everyone you will meet today.

Stop looking at your screen.

Look up – and ask.

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