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Disrupting Recruitment - an interview with Andy Saunders

This podcast discusses how Andy has looked at the clinical recruitment landscape in UK dentistry and decided to wade in there with a completely fresh approach.

“Disruption", “agility" and “innovation" are the key words to associate with Andy’s new company.

In this interview you will learn:

  • how Clubhouse is taking the social media world by storm (and why CB doesn’t like it);

  • about Mark Beaumont’s book on cycling around the world (and why Ashley loves it);

  • how Andy wants to set “personality” as the central focus of recruitment;

  • why good clinicians and excellent Employers struggle to find each other in a world abundant with talent;

  • how Openwide is introducing a completely new experience to both candidates and employers in UK dentistry;

  • the innovative use of video showreels to replace CVs and job adverts;

  • why recruitment has to be a process and not a knee jerk;

  • replacing boring job descriptions with “The Year Long 100 task List”;

  • how to turn a job into a career;

  • how Andy helps his clients with “The Deep Dive Call”.

If you want a career pathway in dentistry OR if you want to be able to hire the best clinicians around - this podcast is for you.

Listen using the podcast player below or on your favourite podcast player. We're live on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

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