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Discover your own future potential

It is 20 years since I first walked through the door of a dental practice and asked “how can I help?”

I’m still doing the same this year.

I’ll be doing it until I drop.

The problems haven’t changed very much – same stuff, different year.

Dentistry has become a more complex profession AND business but the challenges remain disturbingly constant.

The under-capitalised and under-performing business:

  1. not enough new patients

  2. struggling to make ends meet

  3. can’t afford to invest

  4. working more hours for less money

  5. frustrated by under-performing team members or clinicians

  6. bewildered by everything there is “to do”

  7. exasperated by some of the patients behaviour

  8. worried about the competition

  9. losing balance between work and personal life

  10. losing or lost your passion for the job

The glass-ceiling business:

  1. I know I can do better but I just can’t seem to breakthrough to the next level

  2. I’m sure there is huge opportunity for me but there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day

  3. I could do so much if I could just raise the funding

  4. We are doing real well – but is that it?

  5. The business is rocking but I’m starting to think about my exit – how, when, to whom and for how much?

The best getting better business

  1. please train my

  2. front desk

  3. treatment co-ordinator

  4. nurses

  5. finance manager

  6. marketing manager

  7. practice manager

  8. clinicians

  9. me!

  10. and show us how to do better work

  11. please help me design my business strategy for the next 5 years – and then help me to implement

  12. I’m expanding through acquisition and need change management

  13. I’m opening squats and want help to train the teams and grow the lead generation systems

  14. I want one fabulous practice

  15. I want 20-50 profitable practices in my micro-corporate

  16. I want a fantastic specialist referral practice

The enquiry almost always arrives with a covering comment to say either:

  1. Chris, I’ve been following you for years and enjoy your work – I’ve realised that I need your help…..

  2. Chris, a friend of mine who has worked with you has recommended that you might be the guy to help me……

  3. Chris, I enjoyed your presentation the other day and wondered if you have the time to take a look at my situation……

I’ve read that the first 2 steps in any 12-step recovery programme are:

  1. recognise that you have a problem

  2. decide to do something about it

and that steps 3 – 12 are what you do about it.

A Discovery Day enquiry is what happens when you have successfully taken the first 2 steps.

The Discovery Day itself is designed to agree steps 3 to 12 in one meeting and to make sure that you begin the process of making the necessary changes in the days that follow.

I don’t just show up, pontificate about what you need to do – and then disappear leaving you bewildered and overwhelmed.

Along with the 7connections team, I will then assist you every step of the way, depending on our own unique abilities and your identified needs.

Imagine never being alone again in business.

Imagine working with the most talented business development team in UK and Irish Dentistry.

Imagine being a part of a community of winners in the business of dentistry – sharing hopes and fears in a confidential and supportive environment.

The biggest challenge you face is not taking steps 3 to 12.

The biggest challenge is to take the first 2 steps.

In business, in life, in all things – its the first 2 steps that separate the winners from losers.

Are you ready to step forward?

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