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Direct feedback

It seems that Ross Drybrough at Strand Dental in Worthing was expecting some direct feedback from me during my practice visit on Friday!

It’s a thing I do – direct feedback – which means permission to say exactly what my perceptions are – no matter how painful. I find that those clients who give me that permission get the best coaching – although the truth can sometimes hurt them initially. Friday was the end of a crazy week of travel – Farnham, Bristol, Bracknell, High Wycombe, Worthing – and then an equally crazy drive home Friday evening along with the holiday traffic – I left Worthing at 5.15pm and arrived back at 11.00pm. Saturday was a necessary recovery day. Sunday I am back to normal (a month without cigarettes and alcohol has improved my recovery rate) – a work-out this morning, a lazy afternoon in the garden and a quick cheer as Arsenal draw with Chelsea and Man United become 2006/7 Premiership winners as a result. After the dissapointment of Wednesday’s thrashing by AC Milan – this is consolation – and sets up the end of the season well – a “pride-only” game at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday and the FA Cup Final to follow. The beautiful game has been extra special this season. Started reading Sebastian Faulks “Engelby” this weekend – very engrossing novel and just right for the weekend. This evening I’m off to see Spider Man 3 – all excited. It’s nice to have some fun for a change.

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