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Direct access for hygienists and therapists

It has been passed by the GDC this morning and I agree with the many positive comments on Twitter..

@coachbarrow now is the time to support Therapists AND Hygienists we all have a role and deserve the opportunity to show what we can achieve — Donna Schembri (@flossybean) March 28, 2013

There is absolutely no point in crying over spilled milk, bemoaning the decision, coming up with negatives. It has been on the cards for ages, recommended by the OFT in their report last year and has now been passed by 20 votes to zero with 2 abstentions. So this is now the time to plan how you are going to work with your hygiene/therapy team:

  1. to improve clinical care

  2. to improve the patient experience

  3. to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business model

My opinion? The best thing that has happened to the business of dentistry in years. An opportunity to achieve all three of the above objectives and create more profit in less time. p.s. can you hear the bell tolling for the jobbing GDP associate?

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