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Dental Practice Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) – PatientConnections

Honesty is the single most important factor having a direct bearing on the final success of an individual, service provider or a business. Receiving honest feedback from patients about your practice allows you to scale the level of quality you provide to each and every one of your patients, especially in the health industry, where consumer confidence is everything. Dental practices have a hard time collecting precise and accurate feedback from patients efficiently. After appointments, most patients usually want to leave the practice as soon as possible, so asking patients to fill in a feedback form, while under the duress of the watching receptionist and being in a hurry to return back to work or home, very few will actually stop and provide their views. Some may have positive things to say, quite often people who fill up the paper based patient satisfaction surveys have a gripe or complain. Over a period of time, this produces skewed results as the satisfied silent majority’s views are missing. This is unfair to the hard work of the practice team and could be quite demoralizing. Then with the added labour of having to input these results manually into the computer, while trying to decipher the many different handwritings of individuals, trying to compile individual feedback to get aggregate results; it is just too much of a hassle and too resource hungry. Enter PatientConnections – a product the folks at Welltime have perfected using the expertise of hundreds of different clinicians to streamline the whole process of managing feedback. With PatientConnections, patients automatically receive a very simple and quick feedback satisfaction questionnaire via email after their appointment. Patients are able to fill in their feedback forms honestly, comfortably and from the convenience of their homes, while having the option of remaining anonymous (however, unlike NHS choices, this feedback is coming from registered patients who have been to the practice for an appointment during the day). The results of all the feedback is then compiled in a cloud based easy to use interface that illustrates visually through graphs and reports how the patients perceive and rate the practice, its services and the dental team- all at a glance. The practices can quickly see the great reviews their service is receiving, as well as any constructive criticism about the areas the practice needs to improve upon.

‘Dealing with PatientConnections team from welltime has been a revelation, it was all installed and ready to go after a comprehensive demo in less than 2 days. PatientConnections team allows you to customise the service to suit you and new features are being added all the time. The feedback system is great – we have done paper questionnaires for years now but the anonymity allows patients to tell you what they truly think. Testimonials are now stacking up 55 in less than 20 days – all scrolling on our website. Would recommend this service and the team to everybody!’ Dr. Aaron Yousaf Principal Dentist 119 Family Dental

PatientConnections also automatically filters and encourages the happy and satisfied patients to a next page where they can leave testimonials about the practice. Testimonials that are approved by the practice can then be streamlined seamlessly onto practice website, Google places etc. which gives confidence to potential customers when they see new testimonials on the practice’s website. With fresh testimonials being added on a regular basis, search engines like Google quite love it as they consider the site content as being regularly updated. This helps with the practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), making the practice website more visible on their search engine. Letting patients know you are running special offers in your practice is a tough ask. Lets face it, as a dentist you are (usually) not trained as a professional sales person. And for patients to come up with a yes or no answer to a special offer while still in the dental chair under the blazing lights and possibly in pain is not easy and comfortable. So letting the thousands of patients registered at your practice know that you have a special offer on Teeth Whitening or Invisalign will be a challenging process. With PatientConnections, these offers are sent out to your patients’ email addresses, marketing all the great services your practice offers, including educational articles on special procedures you offer as well. All of this is done automatically, effortlessly, without you having to move a finger. PatientConnections will undoubtedly reduce the workload of your staff, make your practice more visible to potential patients, and help you improve the success of your practice. In the new world where everything is being computerised from airplane tickets, grocery shopping or banking, there is a clear change happening where businesses need to be heading, or face losing ground to their competitors. PatientConnections is the future for customer focused, ambitious, growth-oriented practices. Try PatientConnections for free

Ahmed Zubair, COO, Welltime Ltd.

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