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Dental corporates are going to hate this post


Because the consistent feedback that we are getting from our clients is:

"Before I started working with you, I'd had enough - I was ready to sell my practice - in fact I came to you to double the value of my practice before selling it.

But working with you and getting to know your other clients has rekindled my enthusiasm - I'm falling back in love with owning my own dental business."

Cast your mind back to the first, heady days of practice ownership - days when the world was an exciting place full of opportunity.

I have some good news for you.

We started with 100 clients on 1st January and there are now 95 businesses in the community - I have vacancies for 5 clients.

What happened to those who fell by the wayside in the first 2 months?

  • One close family bereavement has necessitated a postponement;

  • Having seen my curriculum, one has decided to take a year off instead!

  • Three have confirmed that they are selling anyway - a process that was already in place when they joined us and they simply wanted my advice during the due diligence process.

I've been doing this for 25 years and usually plan for about 10% churn in a year.

Looking forward - it's not too late for you to join us for 2022 - we are still delivering our Q1 workshops and I can facilitate "catch up".

Rather than sell - get the goose healthy again and enjoy the golden eggs for years to come - that's what we are doing.

Would you like to fall back in love with your business?

The corporates will be livid!

If you'd like to know more about The Extreme Business 100 - look here -

If you'd like a complimentary Zoom call to discuss your circumstances, simply email me on

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