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DBC theme for the week: time management

The theme for this week is time managment – a favourite subject for many of us! In a nutshell, this is all about balancing your professional and personal life. Here is a video about time management that I’ve recently recorded

Here are some of the things we look at under this theme at the DBC:

  1. The special characteristics of time management for owners, leaders and managers

  1. Advance planning – taking a look at the calendar year ahead

  2. Understanding different types of day

  3. Time to rest and rejuvenate

  4. Time to plan and prepare

  5. Time to act and earn

  6. Getting the balance right – well in advance

  7. Getting things done on a daily basis

  8. Taking the time to review, reflect, celebrate and think

  9. Making course corrections

  10. Building the right team around yourself

  11. Delegation without abdication

  12. Creating peace of mind, health, wealth and happiness

  13. What to do when you are overwhelmed

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