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Day 3 of travel

I’ll be catching a flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow this morning – and then Heathrow to Montreal. Sounds crazy for a guy who started his journey in Cornwall on Friday afternoon but there’s method in my madness. I’ll be flying back from Canada and straight into a workshop week that goes Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham and then back to Newcastle for an IPG group meeting. From Newcastle I’ll be driving down to Devon for our annual client retreat in 2 weeks from now. So making the effort to travel to Scotland will pay dividends. It’s cold here in Scotland this morning (49 degrees and sunny) – and the northerly shift in my location was evidenced by daylight until 9.45pm last night and bright sunshine that woke me at 5.00am! It’s no wonder that the Scandinavians and the Scots have a reputation for being a little dour – they don’t get enough sleep. As P. G Wodehouse said:

It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.

So here goes with a day of travel – arriving at my hotel probably about 4.00am in the morning UK time – if there are no delays. And I have bitten the bullet and booked my travel with British Airways – I’m giving them another chance after a horrendous experience with Zoom (who didn’t) last November. Fingers crossed that BA’s £350 million provision in this week’s accounts for criminal penalties around price-rigging of fuel surcharges will have engendered a slightly more humble approach to customer service. I’ll let you know in about 24 hours.

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