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Controlling the controllable - a free download

Every morning for the last 9 weeks I have descended into The Barrow Bunker (at 05:15 on weekdays and when the fancy takes me at weekend) to "see what has been going on".

Frankly, the global news doesn't interest me that much (perhaps for the very reason that I'm composing this post) but I do want to know what's been happening in our world of dentistry.

  • Check emails;

  • Check Facebook Personal Profile, Private Forum, Business Page, Client Workplace and Messenger 🙄;

  • Check WhatsApp;

  • Check Instagram;

  • Check Twitter;

  • Check Linkedin;

  • Check digital newsletters, posts, invitations;

  • Check Strava (OK - that's not work - but I do it).

Gawd - even creating that list exhausts me - what has happened to us all?

Having looked at all of that, during the first days of lockdown it was very easy to get chest pains before breakfast, thinking about "everything".

However, I should have added to that list (and before I do anything else each day):

I know I've mentioned it before but that little book has been a constant source of grounding and mindfulness before the tsunami of each day begins.

What it has taught me is to ask myself a very important question every morning:

"what can I control?"

In preparation for a series of webinars I have been co-presenting with Marcos White for Align Technology, I created the attached PDF to encourage my dental audience to simply focus their energy each day in the same way.

The PDF you can download here is relevant to today, 20th May 2020 - and may well change each week - but I hope you will download, read and think about it.

There really isn't any point in "fretting" about the things you cannot control.

Stay focused on the difference you can make - one day at a time.

Control the controllable
Download PDF • 163KB

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