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Comparing Preventative Maintenance Models: The Extreme Business 100 vs. Your Current Approach

Following Tuesday's blog on the relative merits of different preventative maintenance delivery models, I decided to conduct a very quick poll of my existing clients to ascertain who was doing what.

Of those who responded:

  • 67.50% - are still using the traditional two-appointment system - hygienist and dentist;

  • 10.00% - are using the pop-in system - dentist pops in to hygiene room;

  • 22.50% - are delivering Therapy-Led Maintenance - therapist delivers check ups, S&P and fillings.

Let's see how my clients compare to a wider market survey - if you have a moment please click on the option below that you deliver.

Ask your question

  • The traditional two-appointment system - hygienist/dentist

  • The hygiene pop-in system

  • Therapy-led maintenance

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