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Combining mathematics and compassion in a successful business – without being taken advantage

Running a business is a combination of mathematics and compassion.


The objective of a business is to MAKE A PROFIT.

(Yes – I know we are there to solve problems in an ethical way – that’s a given – but unless we make a profit there is no business unless subsidised by taxpayer, investor, donor)


In a compassionate community we extend guidance and support to those who are in need. The Golden Rule. We do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Combining the two

When a prospective client asks me for help I charge them a profitable fee and then do my level best.

When a loyal employee or sub-contractor provides excellent work, service, behaviour or performance I pay them well.

It’s a win:win arrangement.

When it doesn’t work

If a client/patient doesn’t want to pay your fee, it’s not compassionate to do the work anyway – it’s just stupid.

If an employee or sub-contractor delivers sub-standard work, service, behaviour or performance, it’s not compassionate to keep them hired – it’s just stupid.

It’s a lose:win arrangement

If you charge the fee and your work is sub-standard, it’s not compassionate for the client/patient to pay you anyway – it’s just stupid.

If you pay your employees, sub-contractors and suppliers late or lousy wages/fees – it’s not compassionate for them to do the work anyway – it’s just stupid.

It’s a win:lose arrangement.


Step 1 – obey the rules of a win:win arrangement in everything you do;

Step 2 – Let go of your relationships with people who don’t want to pay or don’t want to perform and behave according to your standards.

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