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Coach Barrow Mastermind Groups – your verdict

You may recall that at the beginning of the year I set up a Survey Monkey report to ask you questions around the possibility of establishing Coach Barrow Mastermind Groups in 2018.

100 responses came in (thank you) and I reproduce below a 14-slide Powerpoint that highlights the results.

Some of your answers came as a surprise to me – but I’m listening and will now be building the infrastructure, ready for a September 2017 marketing launch and a January 2018 programme commencement.

  1. 80% liked the idea of attending Mastermind meetings

  2. 44% want to attend on a Friday (29% Saturday)

  3. 66% want to bring senior managers along to the meeting

  4. 53% want me to bring the meetings to major cities

  5. 73% want formal training – a business skills course

  6. 71% want to hear expert guest speakers

  7. 63% want a mixed group of experience and beginners

Once again, many thanks.

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