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Clinical recruitment - then and now

Then (a.k.a. "the good old days"):

"We need to find a new associate. Let's advertise in the BDA and interview those who apply."


We don't get to pick which clinician will work for us next - it could be a hygienist, therapist, general associate, or an associate with special interest.

We also recognise that recruitment advertising is a very weak methodology.

We understand that recruitment is now a networking activity, not an advertising activity.

Methods that we will use will include

  • Mentioning clinical career opportunities in emails and newsletters to all patients;

  • Posts on our own social media channels;

  • Asking family, friends, team and colleagues to share on their social media channels;

  • Posting to LinkedIn, Gumtree and Indeed;

  • Asking visiting dental reps;

  • Asking our lab and other main suppliers;

  • Creating a “careers with” page on our website;

  • Creating an “about us” recruitment video for our website, sharing all the reasons you are a desired place to work (include testimonials from your existing clinicians)

We further understand that, whoever turns up for interview, we will assess their attitude first, their skill set second and also request evidence of their previous levels of average daily productivity.

Once satisfied, we will make an appointment, no matter whether it's a hygienist, therapist or associate and then reorganise the existing team (which may include waving goodbye to existing poor performers.

We understand that we are never not recruiting and that we will constantly top and tail the clinical team to achieve marginal gains in overall production and profitability.

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