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Choosing the narrative

My first day back at work after a 2-week break.

Mind, body and spirit refreshed and ready for action (if not slightly jaded from the very last bottle of holiday wine on a cheeky Sunday evening - that's it done now).

Today I have a choice:

  1. OMG - my alarm was at 05:00 this morning and the dawn was only just breaking - it won't be many days now before I'm getting up in the dark again. Winter's coming. Now I need to crank up the engine again, find out what my clients have been up to and get back into the "groundhog days". It's exhausting just to think about it. I've put on half a stone on holiday and feel like a pudding;

  2. Welcome back to the 5 a.m. Club and to the glorious first 90 minutes of the day that allow me to reflect (journal) and to prioritise (Full Focus Planner), as well as communicate (this blog). I'm looking forward to reading more of my client's weekly trackers today, so that I can feel the pulse of the profession. In August I'll be back to coaching with a fantastic community of clients, as well as finalising my 2021 business plan (with a focus on innovation). Exciting times ahead. I can't wait to get started (and to detox and get back into shape).

Each of us gets to choose the narrative.

Choose well today.

It's good to be back.

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