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Can’t Quite Comply?

Eventually the CQC will pay your practice a visit. Are you ready for them, or do you think you can fob them off by making them a cup of tea and giving them a few HobNobs? Dear Friend For the last few years, Chris Barrow has been predicting that the government would do to dentists what they did to the financial services all those years ago, implement vast swathes of regulation. And he was right. The Health and Social Care act 2008, for the first time put a single agency in charge of the inspection of ALL dental practices. The CQC has the power to inspect you, censor you, close you down, and also has the power to apply financial and criminal sanction against you. Yes folks, there is the ever so subtle threat of jail-time lurking in the back pages of that legislation. GDP Resources now has a compliance product called Can’t Quite Comply, which contains 85 pages of policies, procedures and protocols that will go some way towards alleviating the regulatory headaches that dental practices have to deal with. Click here for more information: Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

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