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Call in days now open to dentists

I know I have said it before – I love my call-in days. These are the days when we invite our clients in The Coaching Business School and now The Dental Business School to book themselves a 15-minute phone call via our on-line appointment system. Wherever I am on the planet I call them at the appointed time and we have 15 minutes to coach. Clearly there is no time to discuss the weather, soccer results or feelings. In fact the smart clients send me a pre-call email outlining their question. Today I welcomed dentists on the calls for the first time. They have responded well and I have enjoyed good quality conversations. I especially enjoyed the following feedback from a client later in the day: “Chris, Twice now, I have not thanked you at the end of a very useful call. You’re direct, to the point, no fluff. It’s what I need. Thank you.” That’s how I love to be thought of professionally. Maybe I should be the 15-minute coach? Bring me a problem and if I can’t solve it in 15 minutes there is no charge. That would be a blast.

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