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Busy day/week/month/year – life!

The response to the blog and vlog posts on our new retail dentistry opportunity has been very encouraging – plenty of emails and calls to work on – but there is always room for more – so if you know someone (or are someone) who would like to be “in” at the start of the biggest venture to take place in UK dentistry for a decade – let me know! However, its important for me not to lose sight of my core business – coaching clients – and to that end, the week is predictably full of delivery. Yesterday I facilitated a sales team meeting at 1st Dental Laboratories and also hosted a lunch with the senior management and Cathy Johnson, to start a re-branding project. I’m helping 1st Dental to re-think their complete brand and market position after an eventful few years (to say the least) and I’m encouraged by the open-minded attitude of the management to new ideas for the next 5 years. Today is (as tweeted earlier) the launch of a Practice Managers Business School for Genix Healthcare – as they continue to evolve from a micro to mini-corporate and to develop the systems and people that will secure their growth. Last night I had a light supper with the very impressive new operations manager at The Mall, Manchester – Phil Broughton has found himself a winner in Suzy Wayne, whose history and abilities are very impressive. To top it all, last night I worked from 20:30 to 22:30 with Brendon Macdonald on the “story boards” for a video shoot we are attending in London next Monday – to develop a brand new e-learning business that will become visible in the Autumn. The next two days will be further meetings with coaching clients, about which you will hear more. All in all – the message is one of “activity” and “development”. Whether its Centre for Dentistry, a brand new and ground-breaking enterprise, a small corporate like 1st Dental or Genix – or an owner-managed practice like The Mall – clients are thinking about a bigger future – about what they need to do to stay “in the game” and “ahead of the game” over the next 5 years. I love this job – I know I keep telling you that. The travel and nights away from home are a killer – and most of you will know that we are relocating to Manchester in September to cut both by 50%. Business is tough – I’m having to manage my cash flow and my activity very carefully – I feel as if I’m working harder than I have for many years. But I’m also having more fun than at any time in the last decade. I guess the two go hand in hand for us all.

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