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Business vision – seeing further

  1. Where we have been

  2. Where we are now and

  3. Where we are going.

I am planning my annual retreat in 10 days from now – my once a year chance to review my three-year vision, work on my 2007 calendar and my 2007 cash flow forecast. Mentally I am preparing myself for that and a break from “doing it” on a day to day basis. A few more climbs to the top of the hill will be good methinks. On another note, I spent some time this morning updating my profile at and also introducing myself to a new Yahoo Group for linkedin bloggers. If you are already a linkedin member, you can view my profile at

I’m looking forward to reading the posts from fellow bloggers – more shoulders of more giants for me to stand on. So I guess the theme for today is about standing in a place from where you can see further – whether that’s on top of a hill or on the shoulder of a mentor and guide.

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