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Business vision – how big is BIG?

Working with the Birmingham Breathe Business Club this week. We facilitated an “imagineering” session yesterday afternoon, asking the delegates to choose a date for the “finish line” of this phase of their professional lives – and then to sketch in what their business will look like at the line. Responses ranged from “sell for £4m in 5 years time” to “create sufficient profit (for investment) to allow me to retire at 55 rather than 60”. Who has the best vision? Nobody. Vision isn’t measured in quantity, it’s measured in quality. I’ve worked with plenty of miserable rich people – they are usually chasing money and power. I’ve worked with lots of happy people – they are usually allowing a quality of life to appear around themselves. What Thomas Leonard described as “attraction”. I’d love £4m right now – but I’d rather be happy. The challenge is to achieve both.

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