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My head is spinning with “bright shiny objects” – opportunities in the market:

  1. building private sales within the existing IDH portfolio

  2. building private sales within the existing IDH orthodontic business

  3. looking for selective acquisitions

  4. encouraging the use of technology to facilitate good conversations and a strong brand

  5. developing strategic alliances to fill the vacuum that exists in the market for training, consulting and coaching

  6. helping independent principals to prosper by

  7. selling more treatment to existing patients

  8. building referrals – either from patients or referring dentists

  9. developing 21st Century marketing and patient journey systems

  10. acquiring satellite practices

  11. opening private squats

and then thinking deeply about where the market will be in 12/18 months and understanding that my previous writing on the subject of producer groups and franchises is going to come true.

I have never seen so many BSO’s.

And I’m struggling a little with the need to stop being a “technician” (coach) and move towards entreprenuer-ship.

Not enough hours in the day.

Never enough time, money or people.

I need a really good business coach!

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